Things I've Sleep-Text This Year

So I can't really remember if I've mentioned this before, but I have a sleeping problem. Yes, like everyone else in the world I don't get enough of it. But also, I sleepwalk, sleeptalk, sleeptext and have such realistic dreams I feel like I haven't slept because I was too busy having my flatmate turn the flat into a light show and tidying my bedroom because I live in Disney World and my Mum was coming to stay.

True stories.

When I tell people I sleepwalk it's normally met with a 'REALLY?' and a laugh. Because, yeah I get it, it's funny to imagine me walking round like a zombie putting my socks on at 3 in the morning because I think someone's coming to get me for a bike ride. But in reality, it means that I live the rest of my life (deep) as an actual zombie and constantly feel exhausted because really, I've never actually slept.

I was actually in the Sun about all this (10 bonus points if you can find that article because I am defo not sharing it) which made everyone, including me, think it was super funny. I wasn't going to post this because I wasn't really too sure if it would be an interesting post but Gwennan persuaded me that she'd like to read it, and I do everything she says because she is Queeeeeen.

So here we are, have a list of things I've sleep text various people throughout the course of 2017.

- Lol msomdellmmsldepe

-  Can I
Downs (from me during a nightshift)

- *Picture of me in bed*

- Come is blending ad the time

- Do you wanna sleepwalk?

- Nah j wanna go to Scotland

- I meant why are you such a dickens

- I meant two wybfamdenv

- Can we go on Supermarket Sweep

- And the cupcakes? You know the cakes

- Oooooooh thanks Gwennan!

- *Image of a meme about the longest dominos chain being knocked over by a bird* (I still to this day have no idea where I got this from or where it went)

- That' dnnöhn

- It's a trip though

- Are you here??

Nobody whos number I have is safe, muhahahah.


  1. The meme about the dominos chain killed me. Also your blog is looking super sexy and sleek goodbye