Every morning as I stomp off to work, probably just missing the bus, probably cold, probably forgetting one glove, my headphones or, you never know, my head, I think about writing this post.

For the past three months I have been commuting across London for two hours each way (thats enough time to make a lot of origami dragons), which has given me a lot of time to think. To think just how bad my commuter rage has gotten. 

So here we go, 56 of the thoughts that go through my brain every morning between 7-9:

1. Right, lets make sure I have everything before I leave the flat
*Slams door*
2. I don't have my keys. That's a problem for future Mel
3. At least I'm leaving early
4. Next bus, three minutes, perfect timing
5. Ya know, I might actually be early today 
6. This new bus announcement rubbish is actually the bane of my life
7. No wonder I have nightmares
8. How is the DLR so busy
9. It's like quarter to eight why aren't people still asleep
10. £190 a month to sit on the floor of the DLR
11. Isn't London great?
12. There's a breeze from the floor of the carriage coming up through my jumper
13. Right so I'm gonna have to fight my way out of this train
14. *falls out of the train*
15. Why don't people just get out the way
16. The announcer CLEARLY says let people off the train first
17. I'll sigh at them. 
18. HMPH
19. Ah that's cool love, you just stop in the middle of the platform
20. And then moan at me when I walk into you?
21. Ummmmmm how am I supposed to get on that train?
22. Always one who finds a way
23. Next one
24. I will fight my way to the middle of this one
25. I'M ON
26. Ahhhh don't you love having your face impalmed on a mans sweaty back
27. Desperately wanna carry on reading my kindle but there is no room
28. Ooooooh loads of people get off here
30. Plonk. 
31. I have a seat muhahahahaha
32. Right better do my face now whilst I have a chance
33. Why is there no air on this train
34. Why do people choose to do their make up at home and get up early, you can just do it on the Tube
35. Ah, I remember bed. I miss bed. 
36. Change time
38. ON
39. THE
41. How hard is that????????
42. Why am I queuing 
43. Why is everyone queueing
44. I don't even wanna be on that side of the platform
45. Best get those elbows out again
46. Wahooooo central line come at me
47. Oh my god this is hotter than the sun
48. Not that I'd know, but I can imagine
49. Why is the train stopped
50. Problems ahead?
51. UH OH
52. So much for being early
53. Next stop, almost there
54. Better climb those stairs
55. And sigh audibly at people who stand on the left