Online Dating

In case you were unaware, I’m an official Tinderella. And I have been for near on a year now.

And I find it soooo awkward telling people that. But should I?
In an age where we can watch Netflix on the Tube, order McDonalds to be delivered within half an hour and get Amazon to bring us a new phone charger before the day is over, should we be ashamed of using technology to find something online?

I live in London. I have a two hour commute. As soon as I get home I cook, eat and collapse into bed to Bujo and watch about twenty episodes of Forensic Files before I fall asleep and spend the night sleepwalking round my room. The weekends are spent trying to revive myself after a hectic week and drinking perhaps one to many G&T’s in my kitchen to cover up the fact I can’t afford one in a pub.

When am I supposed to meet someone ‘traditionally’?

Trust me, I would love more than anything to be able to say I met the boyf in a Costa (because he hates Starbucks), whilst I was reading Pride and Prejudice and he came over and swept me off my feet. But it’s just not how it happens anymore is it?

99% of people I know that are in relationships that aren’t from Online Dating, met through either Uni, school or work (there’s only one person I can think of that doesn’t fit any of those categories). When I go to clubs I’m not in the best mindset to try and find a suitor, so that’s that ruled off.

So what’s wrong in sitting in bed before I fall asleep, and instead of getting frustrated at Candy Crush, swiping right or left on Tinder?

I think nothing.

I’m so happy I went on Tinder. I’d been single for quite some time and the thought of meeting someone in London was a) terrifying and b) unlikely. But when I started, it was often met with laughs, sniggers and ‘only want sex then?’.

I’m not gonna lie, there is a lot of that on Tinder, the amount of ridiculous comments I got as openers are funny enough for a blog post. But somewhere on there I found a 6ft, gin lover willing to take pictures of me so I can use in my blog.

And I’m really trying to stop doing the whole HA TINDER thing when people ask how we met, because for the majority of people it doesn’t bother them.

And nobody would ever judge me for ordering three dominos to my flat in a week (although they might worry about my increasing waistline) so why should people judge me for finding a boyf online.

Look at me all keeping up with the times.