Texts I've Received From my Mum

So as many people will know I'm sarcastic, hilarious and often informative over text. In the past few weeks I've really learnt where I got this from.

Inspired by Gwennans 'Things I Text my Mum' post, I decided to do it the other way round and show all the times my Mums come to advice for me about cooking chickens and whether to get bread out the freezer.

most flattering picture of anybody ever.

Spoiler, she has never asked me for advice on any of them things.
(Note, the top four were sent at 7:20 in the morning when she believes I should be up and enjoying the morning air... I disagree)

Hello wake up xxx

Get up  xxx



You've got 1p??

They will come after him too I've seen can't pay take it away

My Danny dyer is my hero

Oh your out of bed

Jack's not unemployed he's 9 !!!

No I can't eat I've had some honey

God this has been  very long and painful chat to which I have solved nothing but wasting precious time of mine

A daughter

Really !!!!!!

I don't think he needs to know that !!!!!

You know I fell off my bike and bruised my leg ?

Email from the queen ??

Oh wow remember it so well. You went off to get a duvet and blanket and we covered ourselves in newspaper

And what have we learnt from this? My Mum uses punctuation excessively.