From Strangers to Full Blown Supporters

Its been a while since I've felt motivated to blog, motivated to put fingers to keypad to churn out a legible stream of words. Or even to turn that section of my brain on that makes me come up with new ideas for posts.

But if there's ever anything that can inspire me to write, it's writing about things I believe in, or am inspired by, or am thankful for. And there's one main thing that not only encompasses all of those things, but allows me to show my gratitude in a way that they'll see.

Hello to the blog girls, the blog squad, Satans minions, Mrs Felicia Bang Bang, the complete pie and all the other names that there's been.

I know we've talked about this in the faithful WhatsApp group lately, but I wanted to word my thanks a bit more eloquently, share the love.... basically copy Gwennan without copying her.

It's an amazing thing to find a group of people that you can totally relax and be yourself around, tell your secrets and TMI things to and not get a 'wtf' in return. It's even more amazing to find that around people you've met 2/3 times.

I'm so thankful for everything you guys do, for Satan for bringing us all together, for Hannah for being insanely cool and my fashion inspo, for Gwennan for knowing everything and for Effi for being an actual real life girl boss.

For never going 'as if you're still moaning about that', or telling me to shut up when I'm ranting about the pettiest rubbish. For never mocking me for being uncultured or not knowing where anything is (though so glad we all live in Leicester). For celebrating good news with me, cheering me up when there's bad news, listening to the same old 'FFS' moments over and over again and being as excited as me to fix them. Also for putting up with videos of my awfully messy room which are always followed by responses such as 'that makes me feel sick'.

For being able to go from talking about GDPR (idek if thats right) and big events in the News to aubergines and how it's glutens fault. For educating each other, discussing proper problems and the usual wtf do I eat for tea thats 0 calories, not salad and will take less than 10 minutes to cook.

For roasting me for my typos, terrible geography and Mel antics.

For all the inside jokes, the XS SNKR Q, Sue Pringle, Pure Golf, putting people in the fridge, pies in tins and tina's in pasta.

For teaching me constantly. I've learned so much in the two years our groups been formed I feel like I knew person. Though I still have no idea where Leicester is or where Hannah lives. I've learnt where CPH is, that Quorn Nuggets are better than McDonalds, that I am the fussiest eater in the world, what SEO means, and different types of HIIT workouts.

My timehop is popping up with the tweets when we first started talking to each other two years ago. If you asked me 104 weeks ago if internet friendships were a real thing, if I could ever be bffls with people I see twice a year I would have told you to jog on. But here we are, still laughing, still smiling and still being as supportive as ever.

Long may it continue till we're offering supportive advice on how to knit a scarf and the best types of zimmerframes.

ps. h8 u all <3