About Me


My names Mel, the brains (but clearly not the beauty) behind Melberry. I'm a 24 year old from the Isle of Wight, currently attempting to stumble through life in London.

Melberryy started as a place just to share my thoughts and strengthen my writing, but has since developed into a well loved tool for me to communicate with others. My topics range from my experiences as a holiday rep, the perils of commuting in London to what I plaster my face in every morning. I like to think I have a good style of writing, filled with Friends quotes, self-deprivating humour and an idea of what it's like to talk to me in person.

I, shockingly, am on every type of social media, which can be found by searching Melberryy.

If you ever want to get in my good books (why wouldn't you) I can be easily persuaded with salted popcorn, TUC biscuits and telling me I can stay in and sleep all day.

If you'd like to know about working with me, feel free to head over to my Contact Page for all the deets.